Saturday, January 23, 2010

lightened crank pulley

the ST flywheel i've lightened does not give significant improvement in acceleration... to further improve in gaining better pick up, total angular momentum of the rotation crank has to be light weight... this includes the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch assembly, as well as the crank pulley... since removing the crankshaft, flywheel and clutch assembly requires a lot of work, i opted for lightened aluminum crank pulley...

i got this JASMA aluminum crank pulley rather cheap... weighing in at approx 576 grams, it weighs far less than original cast iron crank pulley... the alternator pulley for this is 1 inch smaller... this creates less load on the engine when it spins the alternator... but the down side is, the alternator will charge less, especially at lower engine revolutions....

upon changing the crank pulley, i felt immediate response in throttle... revs climb up a little faster compare to before... i can maintain in 4th gear at junctions/corners where i usually need to downshift to 3rd gear...

however, the downside is my alternator is charging less... previous reading was approx 13.2 volts... now, the reading never above 13 volts, sometimes it just averages 12 volts at idle... this could possible due to dying alternator...


Anonymous joe said...

hi sifu cate, i am from lowyat forum, i too bought a LCP brand zerone, but i uninstall after afraid that it may shorten the life span of the engine as it does not have a damper to absorb the vibration. how true is this? can you share your experience please? as my car now has clocked 170k km. thanks

4:40 PM  
Blogger SkYwAlKeR said...

wont shorten laa.. ur engine not high rev often... jz pasang only... most problem ppl face after installing LCP is not that microscopic vibration, its the aircond belt keep snapping... coz some LCP is not well finished, had some rough edges where it slices ur belt bit by bit whenever got slip...

4:09 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi bro,
does your LCP give u the annoying sound? i'm using the same LCP as yours but now it starting to give some annoying squeaking sound and sometimes it can be quite loud

11:36 AM  
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