Monday, May 07, 2007

diy water ignition...

what is water ignition??... it's some sort of system that sprays fine water mist into ur intake manifold... this system is tested to eliminate detonation, thus increase engine response and engine efficiency...

as test shown in links all over the internet, i've decided to try building one with the help of other sifoo sifoo in the forum...

water bottle secured properly inside engine bay to avoid it from tipping over...

intake hose connect to one of the vacuum hose, with a valve to control the amount of water being injected in...

construction of the bottle... fill water till about half the level....

if u are using standard filter, tap to this hose with a T-connector....

result, minor improvement in performance n engine response....
i was told that if i add some alcohol in the mixture, i can get more significant effect...

but somehow, i got fedup tuning the blardy thing... hahaha... removed the whole bottle adi... anyone wanna try, i dont mind selling my set to u.... hehehe....


Blogger Michael Lai said...

Bro, the vacuum hose u point with arrow, i know one end connects to the ori air filter box and the other end connects to a nut screw onto the intake, and the other hose from the same nut connects to the left hand side of the carb. Now i want to ask about the nut, why is it screw into the intake? Vacuum come from where? The intake or from the right hand side of the carb where the other host connects to?

6:33 PM  
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