Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DIY engine start button

hmm... long time didnt update my blog adi... been busy since started new sem... timetable damn pack... exams non-stop...

anyway it is... i did some diy on my car again... this time is this:

ooopss.. nolah, this photo is courtesy of ftzone... no money buy nice nice one mah, so i went electronics shop and buy 3 bucks switch...

after that, solder both wire to it....

remove the panel and u'll see this...

check and see which wire to tap... u should tap the starter wire and ignition wire...

very hard to see by that angle ler... luckily i manage to find a screw under it... unscrew it and this pops out...

now i can see which wire to tap...

put back everything... done~!!!

after using it for few days, the switch is busted already...


actually the method above isnt really suitable... coz the current that pass through starter and ignition wire is very high... thus, small wire doesnt able to handle such high ampere... thats why my cheapo switch busted, couldnt handle the high ampere....

so, there is an alternative solution... use relay lor...
here is the circuit diagram...

i replaced a new similar switch, rewire the circuit according to the diagram, but got stuck... i couldnt get the 12v DC source from ciggie lighter... dunno how to remove the ciggie lighter... hahaha...

anyway, i have plans place the start button elsewhere... which is jz below my gear lever... but first, need to remove the OEM gear lock first...

so, project postponed....


Blogger Story by pictures, music by life.... said...

y din u research first b4 starting a project ?

9:58 AM  
Blogger SkYwAlKeR said...

after i did only some other sifoo contributed his idea of using relay... nvm lar, diy stuff is alwiz experiment with new stuff....

5:18 AM  
Anonymous cacin said...

Hi bro,
I am not familiar with car electrical system, but your original idea was to tap the starter and the ignition wire right?
The diagram with the relay doesn't look like that it'll behave the same way.
By the way, the 12V you're looking for must be constant 12V or can use acc? If acc is sufficient, I think there's an ACC turn on if you open up the cover beside the fuse cover (the one with a lot of holes).

4:25 PM  
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