Saturday, December 29, 2012

6k to 8k spring

during the previous dato sagor track day i did addressed that my front suspension setting need to be revised... current 6k spring is suitable for street application but when it comes to track day racing, the body roll is just tremendous...
in such situation, the sensible thing to do is to upgrade the anti roll or front sway bar to beefier ones... unfortunately, the only available sway bar upgrade for my car is costly and only improves a tad bit... weighing the performance per cost ratio, i went for aftermarket uprated springs...
these were 220/80... which translates to 220mm in height with 8k static spring rate load... comparison between my 6k HWL spring and the new aftermarket 8k spring...
it is mostly a direct swap as both spring has same diameter... in fact, most aftermarket coilover springs have same diameter unless specified... thus, no harm getting them checked to make sure they are the same diameter... or else they will not sit well on the spring seat...
how it looks like when assembled... i got the spring seat adjusted to the lowest position...
take note that when u increase the spring load rate with same height position, ur car will eventually sit higher than before... this is because the car weight remains constant... when u increase the spring rate, the spring will no longer compress as much as before... so much so in my case after i've swapped to 8k spring with spring seat adjust to the lowest position, the car still sits 2 finger gap in between wheel and fender arch...


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