Saturday, December 29, 2012

shift extender

why would you install a shift extender with a short shifter??... wouldn't it defeats the purpose of installing the short shifter in the first place??... these were a few common questions came when i custom fabricated this 3 inch shift extender...
as those who installed or even used common aftermarket short shifter before, it generally takes a little more effort to change gears due to the shorted pivot point to the gear knob... with the shift extender in place, there are a few added advantage... first foremost, it reduces the effort slotting in and out gears... travel distance from your steering to the gear knob shorted significantly... some might not view this is as important but fast upshift/downshift requires your hand to locate the shift knob accurately without looking at it...
as for shift travel, i would not say back to stock standard... it is some sort in between stock shift travel and normal short shift travel... all in all, this definitely improves the driving feel to the car... makes shifts in between gears much more pleasure...


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