Thursday, July 26, 2007

central locking gun KO...

as usual, proton cars will start to breakdown piece by piece at this age... so-called midlife crisis...

this time, its the central locking motor for my rear left passenger door...

the replacement unit cost me Rm40... but according to the sparepart shop fella, he said the gun type can be modded to be used in my car... the gun cost Rm15 only...
so, i take the latter one la... Rm40 jz to replace the motor, siao meh...

honestly, i've never seen a gun door locking mechanism before... so i also pakai hantam only... dunno correct installation or not...

another view...

my photography skills sucks la...


Anonymous camel90 said...


my 88 SAGA used that kind of gun thingy when i installed it so that i can locked all doors by just using driver side door like any other modern cars can do.

u know saga, u have to lock each door one by one. old skool meh? =,=

nice skillz anyway...

2:20 PM  
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