Thursday, August 24, 2006

URD fender bars....

well... iswara chassis is the weakest among all proton... in fact, can consider one of the weakest chassis car in the world.... if u have seen an iswara involved in an accident, u'll most probably wont notice it is an iswara.... hehe...

ok, so whats the purpose of beefing up the chassis??... what is the benefits of a strong chassis??... well, first of all, u are more likely to survive in an accident... besides that, a strong chassis improves the handling of ur car... when u try to turn ur car, chassis tends to flex a little due to weight distribution from middle to left/right.... chassis flex is a big no no if u want a good handling car... in fact, most car manufacturers now are looking into chassis strength seriously due to the effect in good handling characteristics.... best example is the new subaru impreza... what makes the newer model different compare to the older one is it has a stronger chassis, especially at the front absorber mounting there.... this helps shave off a few seconds of the time lap compare to the older version...

hmm... i've gone too far already.... my car aint impreza or evo also... :P

anyway, as i said above, iswara has a vr vr weak chassis... thus, strengthening it with stabilizer bars is an important step in improving its handling performance...

first, i purchased a pair of 3point URD (Ultra Racing Development) fender bars from HMS for RM140...

installing it is a trouble as many workshop dont wanna install it for me... reasons; they need to open the fenders which is alot of work....

well, at last i got it installed at a UR dealer in malacca... he charged me pretty expensive as well... really chopped me off.... stupid me, should have DIYed it la.... if only i have proper tools....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your fender bar is UTR not UR. Distributed by thousand supply instead of Ultra Racing.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your fender bar is UTR not UR. Distributed by thousand supply instead of Ultra Racing.

11:36 AM  
Blogger versus said...


straigtaway pasang or do they need to weld the bolt or nut to the body? care to give your comment?

4:54 PM  
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